Getting rid of digital

If you keep an eye on marketing trends you’ll know that digital ad spend is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be, that it is not a blanket replacement for TV and print ad spend. Hold onto your cup of tea: both of those still perform incredibly well.

As with anything in your marketing strategy, your tactic and medium depend upon your audience and what you’re aiming to achieve. Anyone who knows me will be familiar with my repeating this over and over.

It’s why I’d love to see the word ‘digital’ removed from marketing job titles. ‘Digital marketing manager’ means what exactly? That you expect this person to plough all of their time and resources into Instagram and Facebook, regardless of the campaign? That you do not consider TV, newspaper, outdoor to be blended media?

Better to assume that the people you’re hiring know how to do the job better than you do, and know how to choose and use the right tools to achieve your aims.

Laura DavisComment