Your audience is lazy

In the latest celebrity Q&A I read, the interviewee said that the trait they most deplore in others is ‘laziness’. I don’t know whether they meant the laziness or spending a Sunday afternoon on the sofa watching Netflix or the laziness of not going for promotion this year.

As a marketer, I find laziness motivating. If I assume that my audience is looking for shortcuts then I try to remove all the barriers that might get in their way. I don’t assume that they love what I’m building as much as I do.

I regularly receive a coupon code from the online grocery retailer I use when my shopping has been found to be cheaper elsewhere. To use it, I must remember I have it when I place my order and then type in a seemingly endless series of numbers correctly to achieve a few pence off. A cynical marketer might suggest they know how to use laziness to protect their margins.

Laura DavisComment