The judgement space

It can be challenging owning a friendly, fun-loving, young dog. He wants to play with almost every dog we meet and, while some things he’s learned himself in terms of dog body language, others I’ve had to direct him around - dogs on leads, dogs being led away by owners, dogs being picked up.

It’s easy in these situations to feel frustrated with the other dog owner. Why am I having to temper my dog’s behaviour because of their actions?

When I speak to cautious owners they often say their dog is boisterous and they are worried about them harming our dog (this has never happened) or that they might want too much play. They are relieved when I show that I’m comfortable with both.

We are constantly making tiny judgements around other people’s actions when we see them reflected against our own behaviour, because as a species we are selfish and self-involved. It’s only when we open the door that we understand the complexity of what’s going on outside of ourselves.

Laura DavisComment