An outside opinion

There’s a different dynamic when two of us walk the dog. Because Mahler’s young and we’re always training him, we tend to fall into the roles of trainer and student.

This weekend, I noticed how easy it was for me to observe in my partner all the tiny missteps, such as rewarding the dog at the wrong time or calling him twice. That’s the trainer.

I’m sure I make many of these - or similar - mistakes every day without someone else there to facilitate.

It takes a high degree of trust to appreciate someone’s feedback as informed and constructive, which is why we so often rail against customers who call out our ecommerce UX (‘They don’t know what the restrictions of our platform are’) and partners who tell us how to chop an onion (‘This is my way’). If you’re veering towards defence more often than openness, are you listening to the right people?

Laura DavisComment